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      Sleeve Anchor Bolt with Hex Nut High-Grade Fasteners

      Sleeve Anchor Bolt with Hex Nut High-Grade Fasteners

      Model:High-Grade Fasteners


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      Sleeve Anchor Bolt with Hex Nut High-Grade Fasteners

      1. Size: M6-M24
      2. Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
      Grade: 4.8-12.9grade, SS201, SS304, SS316, SS410...
      3. Finishing: ZP, black, HDG, Gacromet, Geomet. Teflon


        Sleeve Anchor bolt with hex nut
      Place of Origin Jiaxing, Zhengjiang, China
      Size M6-M24 or non-standard as request&design
      Finish plain, zinc plated, black oxide, hot dip galv.et
      Head Type hex head,Eye head, hook head
      Material Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys steel   etc.
      Grade a2,a4,4.8,8.8,10.9,12.9.etc,A2-70, A4-80 ect
      Standard GB, DIN, ISO, ANSI/ASTM, BS, BSW, JIS etc
      Non-standards OEM is available, according to drawing or samples
      Samples Samples are free.
      Package Bulk in master cartons, then on pallets, or according to customers' requirement.
      Payment  T/T or L/C

      Delivery time:Within 30 days,the specific delivery is depending on your actual number of order.
      With over 12 years experience in the production and exporting chair nail screws,Nuts  bolts, rods,rivets ,and other fastener. We have passed ISO9001 and SGS certificate which ever exported to Argentina, United Arab Emirates, United States, Italy,  Mexico,  Germany, Canada,  Malaysia, 
      Brazil, Ukraine,  Egypt, Spain, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt,Oman,Saudi Arabia, etc.Our production capacity is 10 million pieces per week.Owing to our stable good quality and advantage factory price, we have occupied China's fastener exporting share.

      We could print your logo and make designed packing as per your request. 

      Transport of drywall screw: 
      We can make various conduct term, under FOB term, we must transport the cargo to the port in time without any delay. Regarding CIF term, we can arrange all, and the ships including MAERSK, MSC, CMA, COSCO, PIL, etc. 

      Other products on hot sale: 
      We mainly manufacture various kinds of screws,Nuts  bolts, rods,rivets ,and other fastener Drywall screw, chipboard screw, hex head self tapping/drilling screw, pan head, pan framing head, modified truss head screws etc. 

      Quotation will be sent shortly afetr getting your inquiry.

      What Kangding do to assure the quality?
      As a over 40 years experience in fastener manufacture with ISO9001 certificate, we meet difficulties or problems, and we solve them all ways. Lockey set up a quality assurance system according to ISO9001 with the 40 years experience. Criteria were made on factors that may effect the quality. 80% of our staff are skilled, and have worked in Lockey for more than 5 years, employee have to take skill class on/off work for weeks. All of these is to guide our worker how to prevent and handle an issue.
      Do Kangding produce non-standard item?
      Yes, we do. Send your specification drawings to our sales representative, then you will get a quotation.
      Do Kangding have a published price list?
      We do NOT have a published price list. In our business market conditions are always fluctuating, which makes standard pricing difficult to maintain. We allow our sales staff to be flexible when it comes to quoting on your requirements, which means that you will receive the best pricing available when you need it.
      Do Kangding offer a discount?
      Of course. we can offer you a discount base on your large quantity. But at the same time, like what we said above, we believe our sales staff have offered you the best price. In that way, you may have a discount, but not a big one. Go and explore for it.
      Do Kangding provide samples?
      Why not, and stored samples are totally free. What we are going to tell you is that we do NOT have budget for Express. 
      What's the delivery time?
      It depends on your order quantity. It is about 20-40 days for standard ones, 35-60 days for non-standard ones. Check it with sales representative, he/she will give a accurate date of shipment.   
      What is the payment term?
      T/T & L/C are the prefer payment term. Also Western-Union is acceptable for low value payment, like samples' Express fee. 

      Welcome you to visit our factory at any time.

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