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      CNC Lathe Parts

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      OEM cnc lathe machine Aluminum parts with Drehteile

      OEM cnc lathe machine Aluminum parts with Drehteile

      Model:Aluminum parts

      Specifications:3/4/5 axis CNC milling

      DetailsCommon problemOrder online

      We are with rich experience in processing of various materials, 
      such as AL6061/7075, SUS303, 304, ESD225/420, DERLIN, SI36H, SS440C,17-4 ph, Ceramic, Carbide,
      Engineering Plastics such as PEEK and so on. In addition, we can also provide some special processing,
       special heat treatment and special electroplating, surface treatment for customer, such as optical
       grinding, honing, precision EDM specialshaped processing, carburizing, nitriding, vacuum heat 
      treatment and cryogenic treatment, the hard anodized aluminum, steel blue, electrolytic polishing, 
      nickel sank without electricity,silver-plated, gold-plated and so on.
      Material: Copper,iron,aluminum,stainless steel,alloy steel,plastic.etc.Which we usually processing are as following show.

      Aluminum 6061-T6,6063-T5,7075-T6,2011,2017,2024,5052,5083,6082,etc
      Stainless steel SUS303, SUS304, SUS316,SUS316L, SUS430, SUS440, SUS420, SUS201,etc.
      Steel Q235,20#,45#,Cr12,SKD11,A2,40Cr,16Mn,Cr12Mov,etc.
      Carbon Steel 1010,1015,1020,1030,1035,1040,1045,etc.
      Free Cutting Steel 1211,12L13,12L14,1215,etc.
      Brass C11000,C10200,C12000,C26000(HPb59),C36000(C26800), C38500(HPb58, C27200(CuZn37), C28000(CuZn4),etc.
      Plastic PVC,PE, PMMA,POM,Telfon,Delrin,PEEK,Nylon, ABS,PC,PP,PA6,PA66,etc.
      Processing method:

      1 CNCTurning
      2 Auto lathe
      3 3/4/5 axis CNC milling
      4 CNC turning and milling compound processing
      5 Grinding
      6 Fast/midium/slow wire EDM
      7 Wire-Cutting
      8 Welding
      9 Cast
      10 Taping
      11 Drilling
      Surface treatment:
      1 Zinc/nickel/chrome plating
      2 hot galvanized
      3 painting
      4 powder coating
      5 Anodize Oxidation, or with colors:like silver, blue, red, etc.
      6  plating,silver-plated,Gold-plated,etc
      7 polishing
      8 electrolytic polishing
      9 sank without electricity nickel
      etc etc.
      Hot treatment:
      1 Vacuum
      2 carburizing
      3 nitriding
      4 cryogenic

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